Dr.Brown's Options Deluxe Newborn Gift Set

Dr. Brown's

Products Highlights

  • Unique 'Options' vent system
  • Anti-Colic
  • Comfortable feeding
  • Prevents teat collapse
  • Age recommendation: 0m+

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9490 / Per Pack



Dr. Brown's Options Deluxe Newborn Gift Set contains everything you need to feed your new born baby. Dr Brown's bottles have a unique 'Options' venting system which directs air into the bottle and not into your baby's tummy. Air enters the bottle collar and routes directly through the internal vent system, the air then channels through the vent tube, bypassing the milk to the end of the bottle. The vent prevents aeration of the milk, vacuum pressure and teat collapse. This allows baby to feed comfortably while the milk flows freely, just like breastfeeding. This Dr Brown's Options PLUS Wide Neck Deluxe Newborn Gift Set includes:
  • - 3 x 270ml bottles
  • - 2 x 150ml bottles
  • - 1 x Microwave steam steriliser
  • - 1 x steriliser tongs
  • - 5 x level 1 teats
  • - 2 x level 2 teats
  • - 2 x level 3 teat
  • - 2 x storage/travel caps
  • - 3 x teat cleaning brushes
  • - 1 x bottle brush

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